Team Magnus

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  • Balance bike
  • Balls and boards
  • 5mm wetsuits
  • Neckwarmer snood buff


Kids’ carnival wins

Kids’ carnival wins
Top tips for simple fancy dress outfits for kids - straight from the European carnival champions in Cologne.

Tons of kit, nothing fits

Tons of kit, nothing fits
Sky-high expectations and piles of presents. How can we salvage the real-life mis-match of wishes, proficiency levels, available facilities and actual gifts under the tree?

Base-layers – the lowdown

Base-layers – the lowdown
Looking for the right base-layer for your child? A quick guide to your options for fibre mixes and styles. Any winter sport or outdoor activity is circa one million times more fun when you're protected from the cold and wet!

Water-sports – the chilled way

Cable wakeboard stars
Cable wakeboarding is a simple intro to water-sports for kids, building confidence and skills at a cracking pace. While a bit more of a hassle than your regular kick-about in the park, it transfers beautifully to winter sports.