5 for 4 mini skis

5 for 4 mini skis

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***5 pairs of mini-skis for the price of 4***

PERFECT FOR TECHNIQUE! Team Magnus mini skis help develop optimal skiing posture from the start. Our classic beginner skis have the ideal design to build the perfect ski technique whether you’re a learner of downhill or Nordic skiing. Thanks to the short 65cm length, the beginner instinctively hones core balance. We advise that ski poles are avoided in ski schools and for beginners, as they detract from building intuitive balance. Ski poles also add a risk for learners.

EASIER TO USE! Short training skis also allow kids to get back up quicker after the inevitable falls, and without the risk of tangling which can be upsetting for young kids. If the skis are much shorter, the required skill level to have enjoyable ski sessions will be high. Longer skis offer more balance but allow for upright habits, and are best introduced later. The weight is very low for such robust skis, allowing for easy transport and carriage.

ROBUST! Our high-quality ski straps are made in Sweden with exceptionally secure buckles. The skis attach firmly to any shoe or boot, which gives a great sense of control. Firm, durable straps are a superior solution to fixed plastic bindings, which don’t allow a child to keep improving their balance with flexible, garden skiing year after year. Made with top grade HDPE plastic, lightweight for children to carry, but robust enough to take weight up to 80kg.

FLEXIBLE! The durable plastic skis can be used on frosty grass or to trample down deep snow. This multiplies your opportunities to get some practice done! Our mini-skis can be used by toddlers as young as 3 up to adults with a 10 (UK) shoe size. Back garden skiing for the whole family is motivating for beginner skiers, taking some pressure off and keeping the sessions light. These trainer skis are sure to be used year in, year out as your children build confidence and develop ski tricks!

IDEAL GIFT! A highly respected way of introducing skiing skills, they’re mostly used by older kids and teens with strong skiing confidence for casual tricks and jumps. A great gift for little kids about to experience their first winter holiday, or for any older kid who loves a fun challenge and who has the skills to cope on short skis. The older the child, the harder it is to ski on a set of short skis, so they’re a great way to maintain your ski technique between holidays.

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• The IDEAL first skis to teach beginners - they strap onto any shoe or boot and work great on hard frost and snow.

• Shorty junior touring skis with a rounded tip have a heritage dating back to the 1970s when they were developed in Canada and became popular in Scandinavia and the Alps. While your deep stabiliser muscles are at work keeping you upright on the short skis, you’ll intuitively bend your knees to further improve control as you move.

• Safe for children or any toddler, and fun for both beginner or intermediate levels. Perfect for Alpine or cross country skiing in the back garden, on the pistes or a hill. Also great fun for any competent youth or adult skier who loves to practice a trick or jump.

• The durable nylon straps are made in Sweden with long-lasting stainless steel buckles for safety. Straps also allow siblings or friends to share skis for quick, improvised training.

HOW TO ATTACH: Place shoe or boot in the center of the 65cm ski with the front strap buckled up across the toes and the rear strap crossed behind the heel and buckled up around the ankles. High-ankle boots are comfortably used for this or you can pull down any trousers to cushion your ankles as you strap the skis on.

HOW TO MAINTAIN: We recommend buckling the straps together when the skis aren’t in use to minimize the chance of losing them. The stainless steel buckles are durable in all weather, but are best stored in dry conditions. The skis are made of UV-resistant HDPE plastic and tolerate wide temperature differences. Replacement straps available.

We know you’re busy. For that perfect standby present during autumn and winter stock up on our Snowshoe hare stumpy skis. They are simple, lightweight and flexible, with straps which fit any type of shoe or boot. Our ski video shows children aged 6, 8 and 14 having a go as well as an adult. They can equally be strapped on the feet of a motivated 3 or 4 year old – start off in gentle terrain. Perfect on frosty golf courses or back garden slopes, this is a super present for everyone who likes mucking about outdoors.

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