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Our blogger has years of engagement with club sports for juniors. Kristine Moody has helped kids' participation in sports ranging from rugby to kayaking and skiing through all the age groups. With her Scandinavian-British background she's familiar with Nordic freestyle sports coaching, where the terrain sets the tasks, and the structured, institutional training which is favoured in the UK.

  1. Team sports: workshops for social skills

    Team sports: workshops for social skills
    Sure, team sports are great for fitness, skills, competitiveness and new experiences. But they also offer kids an awesome workshop for social skills. To show why playing in a team with your peer greep is so valuable, first of all let’s check out the main social bonds which kids have. Peers v adults Relationships between adults and kids are asymmetrical...
  2. Sports gifts for teenagers on a budget

    Sports gifts for teenagers on a budget
    It’s goodbye to half the fun this winter as contact is not allowed in most sports. No live spectators, no fixtures, and gym restrictions... Now is the time to find that inner determination you need in the last minutes of any sports competition, and apply it to solo fitness training instead. I’ve drawn up three home gym shopping lists for...
  3. Siblings: How to Harmonise Skills Gaps

    Siblings: How to Harmonise Skills Gaps
    Holiday happiness doesn’t depend on the amenities of the hotel, the size of the rental car or the amount of sunshine. It depends on your children’s ability to play together. If your sports nut older son is stuck with a somewhat clumsier younger brother for two weeks, it can get tense. How to minimise squabbling?  Laidback summer sports include frisbee...
  4. Can You Trust Your Kids with Boats?

    Can You Trust Your Kids with Boats?
    “Believe me, my young friend, there is NOTHING–absolute nothing–half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” This is Ratty’s poetic words of advice to Mole in Wind in the Willows. How to promote children from passengers to skippers? I’m going to bring this back to some basic advice on passing on skills. Your best guideline to parenting...
  5. Coaching kids: Good cop, bad cop

    Coaching kids: Good cop, bad cop
    Successful coaches aren’t charmers. We recognise the toughness required to coach international sides. Of course we prefer generosity and warmth when looking for instructors for our kids. The dilemma is: we all like watching our kids win. We want sport to offer our children that sense of pride and achievement. Maybe that red-faced, shouty old-school coach with the foghorn voice helps build...
  6. Hesitant Joiners & Kids' Team Sports

    Hesitant Joiners & Kids' Team Sports
    It’s sod’s law that your child won’t tell you that he hates rugby until he has the new boots and the head guard – he might even wait until you’ve had his three-figure mouthguard fitted at the dentist’s. Even parents who weren’t the keenest joiners during their own school days love to see their offspring engaging with a sport. We...

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