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Our bloggers combine a love of the outdoors with expertise on the challenges set by climate, seasons and altitude. Kristine Moody (from Oslo) and Valerio Boldreghini (from Rome) know how to extend an outdoors session through sensible preparations. Valerio informs his outdoors apparel blogging with his insights into physiology for kids and adults. Kristine brings her experience of trekking and cross country skiing in all weathers to blogging about fabrics, layering and planning ahead.

  1. Kids' wetsuits for cold water - the science

    Kids' wetsuits for cold water - the science
    Nothing beats a refreshing dive into a crystal clear lake!  But remember, all the conventional ways in which our amazing bodies regulate their body temperature are extremely inhibited in water. They’re almost nullified. That jeopardises how alert and strong you can stay in a cool river or lake. You prevent this by protecting your core temperature. Your core runs from...
  2. Winter Sportswear & Apparel Guide for Kids

    Winter Sportswear & Apparel Guide for Kids
    The right kit keeps kids outside for longer. Regardless of the activity, you’re likely to go at a slower pace than you would do without kids, assuming they are beginners. So make sure your own patience isn’t impacted by cold feet two hours into your ski trip.   Outer layers The most common mistake is to put your money and...
  3. Summer Sportswear & Apparel Guide for Kids

    Summer Sportswear & Apparel Guide for Kids
    Even in milder weather parents need to plan. Beach play, full-on water sports or long bike rides all require back-up changes of clothes. But don't let that stop you! Life is more fun when you’re not scared of getting wet or muddy. But you don’t want to rely on a heavy back-pack either, and this is where technical clothing comes...
  4. Base layers for kids

    Base layers for kids
    Many people solve winter with chunky overcoats. This works if your idea of a great day out is standing at bus-stops. But kids love a good run-around any time of year. And the younger they are, the more time they spend on the ground – inspecting leaves and bugs, comparing puddles, crawling through shrubs. The only way to guarantee mobility...
  5. Sunscreen for kids: The alternatives

    Sunscreen for kids: The alternatives
    Some massive controversies about skin cancer have been knocking about in the public domain. Studies showing sunscreen causing cancer.  Studies showing that lack of sun exposure causes more cancer than over-exposure does. Studies showing that the higher the SPF, the less liberally it’s applied, so that the screening effect is actually lower than in lower factor creams. So a minefield...
  6. First out, last in - dressing kids in winter

    First out, last in - dressing kids in winter
    Having moved from Scandinavia back to the UK, the biggest difference for families is how parents equip their children for winter weather. I've lived in Switzerland and in Norway, but it's November in London or Edinburgh which truly chills you to the bone. Ask any Russian or Canadian - the damp, windy weather in the UK makes outdoors living here...

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