Time management for parents

  1. Sitting is the new smoking

    Sitting is the new smoking
    The gym classes, the new juicer, the cardio apps – it’s all so old school. The thing now is to stand up. Lose the chair, gain fitness If you sit a lot, then more exercise time doesn’t make up for the damage which sitting is doing to your body. It’s not about creating more activity, it’s about cutting down inactivity...
  2. Quick fitness drills for parents

    One particularly numbing week I spent a whole Saturday watching slalom kayaking and the following Sunday dashing between two football tournaments – this on top of mid-week tennis chauffeuring. Many parents miss having that time to spend on their own fitness. But you can slot in some valuable drills when you spectate. Remember: Improving your posture gives you more bang for...
  3. How kids help your career

    If I see the term “momtrepreneur” one more time I’ll kick something. There is no word for 47-year old male executives with hospitalised fathers. They are busy too – caring and protecting while putting in the work hours. – I’ve never once felt that being a woman has been a disadvantage, Jo Malone MBE told a small gathering I attended...

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