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  1. Sitting is the new smoking

    Sitting is the new smoking
    The gym classes, the new juicer, the cardio apps – it’s all so old school. The thing now is to stand up. Lose the chair, gain fitness If you sit a lot, then more exercise time doesn’t make up for the damage which sitting is doing to your body. It’s not about creating more activity, it’s about cutting down inactivity...
  2. Base layers for kids - the lowdown

    Base layers for kids - the lowdown
    Southern Europeans love a huge chunky overcoat for themselves and their kids – “Bring on winter weather!” This is only good if your idea of a great day out is standing at bus-stops. But kids love a good run-around any time of year. And they’re on the ground much more than us – inspecting leaves and bugs, comparing puddle depths...

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