Devilfish neoprene rugby ball

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The Devilfish rugby ball is covered by 1mm neoprene to retain its features after exposure to damp and water. As size 4 it’s manageable for young rugby players. The neoprene cover gives decent grip even when wet. Inflates/deflates with ball needle (included) and any bike pump. Much gentler on the skin than leather balls, but still with a decent weight for accurate kicking and throwing

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Intended use: Garden play, beach and pool

Recommended age: age 5-adult

Size: Size 4

Weight: 200 grammes

Units per pack: 1

Colour: Navy/green

Material: 1mm neoprene

Made in Zhejiang, China


Neoprene rugby balls won’t puncture as easily as beach balls. They retain their shape far better than foam balls. That makes them the best alternative to leather balls for younger kids and in beach and pool settings. The 200 gramme weight gives our rugby balls sufficient heft for accurate kicking and throwing. Delivered in a reusable waterproof net and with ball needle included.


Eschrichtius robustus

"The toughest swimmers out there"

The Grey Whales were called Devilfish by early whalers because they defended themselves so fiercely. They give birth in the pleasant lagoons of northern Mexico.

The 5m long newborns struggle to breathe and swim, but the mothers help their calves by lifting them to the surface with her tail flukes. They 'spy-hop' during migration - raising their heads above water - probably to check the coastline.

  • - A male weighs 16 tonnes
  • - A pregnant female weighs up to 34 tonnes
  • - Young Devilfish learn to swim in the shallows
  • - They migrate 10 000km to their Arctic feeding grounds

Because they stay close to the shore, where the ocean floor is shallow, they were vulnerable from early whalers around Iceland and elsewhere in the Atlantic, where they were hunted to extinction.

  • - Devilfish thrive in the Eastern North Pacific
  • - Devilfish feed from the bottom of the ocean
  • - They eat red crabs, small shrimp, herring eggs and larvae
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