Tundra wolf mini skis

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High quality kids’ skis for training and play as used by USA Nordic & Ski Jumping Federation in their training camps. Our skis strap onto any shoe or boot up to UK size 10/EU 41 and work great on hard frost and snow. Ideal design to build perfect ski technique whether you’re a learner of downhill, cross country or ski jumping

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Intended use: Snow play, ski training

Recommended age: age 3-teen

Size: 65x10cm

Weight: 0.7kg

Units per pack: One pair

Colours: Red, orange, pink, light blue, dark blue, green, black, silver, white

Material: UV-resistant HDPE plastic 

Made in Alloa, Scotland (skis) and Sweden (straps)


Short skis with rounded tips and flexible straps have a heritage dating back to the 1970s when they were developed in Canada and became popular in Scandinavia and the Alps.
Our high-quality Swedish ski straps have exceptionally secure buckles. The skis attach firmly to any shoe or boot giving a great sense of control. Regular winter boots are far more comfortable to wear than adjustable ski boots. The top grade UV-resistant HDPE plastic tolerates wide temperature differences and a weight up to 100kg.

Replacement straps available. We advise against ski poles for beginners as they detract from developing intuitive balance.

Tundra wolf

Canis lupus tundrarum

"Survives the harshest winters on earth"

The Tundra wolf is the biggest amongst the dog family of mammals. An adult male can weigh as much as 75 kilos, reaching 2m in length and 1m in height.

A pack of Tundra wolves may range over areas of more than 40,000 sq km to find enough caribou to kill for survival. The Tundra wolf squeals, yells, barks and howls to signal how they feel.

  • - Can survive winters up to -50°C
  • - Wolves howling can be heard 8km away
  • - Very expressive, social animals
  • - The whole pack helps in raising the pups

The Alaskan tundra wolf has a close relative in Finland and Russia, the White tundra wolf, which has an even longer coat.

  • - Wolves were decimated, but are now staging a comeback
  • - The dominant female breeds in February with the dominant male
  • - She normally gives birth to four pups in springtime
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