TM junior slackline

In stock 15 Nov. 2020

Our junior slackline offers a child-friendly long-lever ratchet with moulded handle to give kids better leverage for set-up. The optimal 50mm width line is fitted with a rubber grip to simplify balancing. The simple set-up manual is written for kids.

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Intended use: Slacklining makes for training and games a short distance above ground, as an inclusive activity for picnics, parties or camping
Recommended age: 5 yrs-adult
Size: 15m length, ratchet fully extended 30cm
Weight: 5kg
Units per pack: 15m slackline with anti-slip print, 1.1m ratchet strap, long-lever ratchet with simple safety colour system, two tree protectors, balance line, dual function carry sack.
Colours: blue with white rubber anti-slip grip
Material: Continuous polyester webbing
Made in Sweden


Team Magnus’ junior slackline is designed so that kids gain independence and skills from setting up the challenge themselves through to easier first steps learning.
The moulded handle, long-lever ratchet and colour-coded ratchet parts make it easy for kids to set up their line quickly and safely. They can use the balance line for initial support. Kids’ smaller feet gain relatively more distribution from our 50mm wide line than adults. Together with our anti-slip print this offers early confidence and higher rewards.

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