– Kids do so well at cable wakeboarding because they harbour no anxieties about looking stupid or hurting themselves, Callum Mark tells us. Mark is Activities Manager at Foxlake Adventures – a cable wakeboard park outside Edinburgh.

As sports go this is “extremely progressive” – novices learn the ropes in no time.

– Quite a few people have tried traditional waterskiing or wakeboarding off the back of a boat – the rope will sit max 2 metres above the water, Mark explains. – This might not create the happiest holiday memory for everybody – you’re literally being pulled through the water and at sea there are swells. With a cable you’re hoisted upwards and forwards – it makes an enormous difference to how quickly you progress.

Three kids in Team Magnus aged from 6 to 15 definitely spent a brilliantly wet and exhilarating hour wakeboarding last month, and we can see the links to surfing and snowboarding.

– It’s about edge control, balance and core strength, Mark says. – It’s not meant as “a fun day out” – with our 1 on 1 tuition you’re acquiring real skills quickly. Technically it’s easier than other water-sports though – it’s really not a challenge to take this up as an adult.

The basic skill required to get started is like sitting on a picnic rug when a friend pulls you up to a standing position, Mark tells us with a straight face. This wouldn’t sell it to every competitive teenager, but with the obstacles in the water park it gets harder as you progress, and you’re definitely having a blast while you’re at it.

To me cable wakeboarding seems a bit on the fiddly side – battling to get into the full-length wetsuit, adjusting the helmet, strapping on the bindings – and oh, the cable and the operator. You’re easily paying more than £15 for an individual session. But what an ideal intro to water-sports for kids:

– We have no pushy parents in this sport, Mark claims. – Partly we tap into that friendly surfing, snowboarding culture. And partly there are no second generation wakeboarders. The parents know to keep schtumm when the kids are flying past them!

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